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Powerful home spring cleaning tips

Our home is perhaps our greatest asset. Therefore, our Homes need to be neat, refreshing and tidy. No-one looks forward to coming home from work to a messy home or Heavens forbid welcome friends to it. Despite the fact that we all carry out daily and weekly household cleaning tasks, it is once again that time of year when we need to turn our attention to house spring cleaning. Not only will it ensure that every nook and cranny of your home looks attractive and

Spotlessly cleaned, a good spring cleaning will enable you to subsequently focus solely on maintenance cleaning over the coming months.

Why spring cleaning?

Spring happens to be one of, if not the most attractive period of the year. Regrettably, it can also be the most discouraging because it is time for the unavoidable: spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is among those things that no one ever wants to do. Time spent Spring cleaning will reap wonders in the long run. Spring Cleaning akin to many things at this time of year is like a new beginning… out with the old in with the new.

Although it is never a whole lot of fun, a few good cleaning tips can help make this job easier on you and your family.

  • Organize

Start your spring cleaning with an in depth list of all the things you would like to do. In fact, it is recommended that you plan your chores appropriately so you will not miss anything crucial. Start with one room or area of your home at a time and write down what you would like to achieve in that room. This helps you attain your goals. In addition, have your cleaning materials ready before getting down to the chore. You can begin with the bedrooms then move on to the dining room, living room and the kitchen. Finally clean the garage.

  • Clean up as you go

Rather than allow a mess to pile up, put things back once you are through with them. This pertains to everything from magazines, plates, makeup to toys. Additionally, you need to keep track of things rather than having to scavenge around for them amidst the mess.

  • Never leave a room until you are through with the cleaning!!

This is a common mistake. If you create excuses for yourself like not having sufficient equipment for the task or having to start on another room immediately, the only thing you will have at the end of the day are several unclean rooms.

  • De-odorize

Even though it sounds like a simple task, we are all governed by our sense of smell. A place can become more unpleasant due to the scents that  surround it. Light a fragranced candle or leave the windows open in areas where you cook or people smoke. This will stop odors from leaking into the furniture and also keep rooms fresh and well ventilated.

  • De-clutter and Donate to charity

Letting go of things not in use is important not just physically but mentally as well. For that reason, sort, organize and reconsider things that are no longer needed. Donate those small items and your unwanted clothes to charity where they will get a new life. A number of local charities will collect larger items like furniture. As soon as the clutter is gone, it becomes much easier to start your spring cleaning.

  • Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask other people who live in the home to help you with spring cleaning tasks. Many hands make light work! You should also be sure to ask for help with things that may be too large or too difficult for you to do alone.

  • Use caution on ladders

A lot of accidents occur on ladders and step stools even as people are making attempt to reach something high such as clean ceiling fans. Ensure you only stand on objects that can withstand human weight like approved ladders

  • Call a professional

A professional cleaning service can do a much better and thorough job. Why not let someone else do the hard work for you if you can afford it our professional cleaners in Bromley Kent can help.

  • Dust from top to bottom

Whenever you begin spring cleaning and are dusting furniture like cupboards, tables, chairs and shelves remember to dust from the top of the furniture to the bottom part. By so doing, you are able to get all the hard-to-reach places and you avoid dusting an area repeatedly. After that, all the dirt and dust on the floor can be wiped clean or swept away. A simple feather duster will be okay for dusting or a clean, wet piece of cloth.

  • Be patient

Take your time and allow dirty surfaces, just like the ones in your kitchen and bathroom to soak well in cleaning solution. Focus on another task on your list whilst your cleaner does the difficult work.

  • Other spring cleaning tips include:

Clean windows; with a rag and soapy water then thoroughly dry them with another rag. Or visit an auto-parts store and purchase a windscreen squeegee

Do not stand your brooms on their bristles; It will destroy their form and reduce their usefulness. Instead, get a broom holder.

The best way to eliminate lime accumulation around the shower faucet; is to set paper towels over the fixture, have it soaked with vinegar and let it rest for about one hour. The debris will become soft and easier to remove.

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