Professional Hard and Wood Floor Restoration

At Langley Office Services we pride ourselves on the quality of our hard floor restoration.

Langley Office Services employ experienced craftsmen to bring back the original finish of all your stone surfaces. This is achieved by firstly taking back the stone to its natural condition, using appropriate pigmatic stone block range and sanding disc to remove surface scratches and revive surface sheen.

After this procedure has been completed, we are ready to carry out the crystallisation process, using selected grades of wire wool discs and a high-speed polishing buffering machine. This enhances the character and coloring of floors, preserving the natural finish of the stone with deep non-slip sheen.

Unlike many systems where waxes or other preparations are used, there is no sticky build-up of wax and soiling which in turn dulls the surface of the floor this enables the marble to be easier to maintain and continue to look its best.

Langley Office Services also clean and restore wood floors including traditional parquet wood floors.

Stone Floors

Including Marble

Wood Floors

Parquet & Viynl


Safe contractor and ISO9001 Approved


  • Outstanding. Excellent. Exceptional. These are a few words that come to mind when asked about Langley Office Services.We look forward to our continued relationship with Langley–Caroline,WDP Ronco 

  • ‘Langley Office services have proven to be a professional and reliable company with superb staff. We are thoroughly happy with all aspects of our service delivery and would not hesitate to recommend Langley to other individuals or companies’. –Tracey, GLE Properties Ltd

  • Ageas Insurance (formerly Groupama Insurance) have been using Langley Office Services for over 10 years. The long-term relationship between both companies is testament to the good service we have received by the cleaning staff, who are friendly and professional. Many thanks –John, Ageas Insurance

London & Beyond


Hard Floor Cleaning Bromley Kent and London

We clean all types of hardwood, vinyl and tile floors. Over time pets, shoes and general wear and tear can leave your wooden floors looking tired and old, these types of floors are often an expensive long term investment at Langley Office Services we have the know-how and equipment to bring them back to former glories.

It is very important to use a reliable cleaning company to clean hardwood floors as the use of the wrong type of chemicals and equipment can ruin these types of surfaces. Langley Office Services Provide hard floor cleaning in Bromley, Orpington, Bexley, Bexleyheath Greenwich, Blackheath, Beckenham, North Kent and South London.

Some simple measures with most types of wooden floors are very effective, such as cleaning floors as soon as there are spillages of any liquid as some liquids quickly blemish floors leaving them permanently marked or stained.

All of our staff at Langley Office Services know exactly how to clean wooden and any other hard floor surface, our staff are all fully uniformed carry ID at all times and are careful and responsible around your home or office. for the very best in hard floor restoration and cleaning contact Langley Office Srvices today