Are you paying too much for your cleaning services?

Often when customers ask this question its entirely down to the fact they are not receiving good value for money from their current cleaning company. Along with competitive rates, Langley Office services continuously strive to increase efficiency. It is our policy to keep abreast of price changes in the industry to do this; we actively monitor competitor pricing. We always buy cleaning products in bulk which means we can pass savings on to our clients.

Will you keep the same cleaners if you win the contract?

In short, yes, it’s often the case when we win a new contract that the existing staff are often disenfranchised and demotivated. It is, therefore, our policy to retrain and educate the current team in how we work the general behaviour standards and quality of work we expect from them.

The staff will often be transferred directly to Langley office services using an automated mechanism called TUPE. However, their standard of work will be appropriately scrutinised throughout the contract; any below-par practices will be identified and ultimately rectified.

How often does our area manager conduct an appraisal?

Again we find this is a common area of dissatisfaction certainly when taking on a new contract. Often a client will mention they have not seen a member of the existing company’s management team in months if ever. Langley Office Services do not believe this is a sustainable model. Regular appraisals and site visits by their very nature increase accountability and drive up standards. Typically a member of the management team will visit your premises monthly (more on request).

Your visits are monthly, but how do we raise issues in the interim?

Our cleaners have access to a book that is kept on-site; this contains all the relevant contacts they need for to escalate an issue beyond their remit. The book also includes pre-agreed cleaning regimes and any particular instructions that pertain to your contract. These are updated regularly with any new requests or agreements. This is a minimum requirement and falls under our ISO 9001-2015 quality management accreditation.

Do you security vet your cleaning operatives?

All staff employed by Langley office services are vetted to ensure they meet accepted standards of UK employment our stringent process aims to make sure we only hire those with the correct level of skill and relevant documents. In certain circumstances and should the need arise, we will complete a full DBS check.

  • Current passport
  • Work permit
  • NI Number
  • Proof of residence
  • Previous employer references

What about holidays and absence?

In relation to scheduled absence, i.e. holidays, Langley Office Services will draft in another experienced operative. The operative will be well briefed in advanced around the particulars of your job.

In terms of unplanned absences, these are covered where possible by staff working at the same site this is achieved by increasing their hours to complete the jobs assigned to the absent team member.

Do your staff wear uniforms or carry ID?

Since inception, we have as a minimum requirement instructed all staff to wear uniforms we belive when on duty, our team should be instantly recognisable as this serves to give our customers a sense of security. Our team also carry ID badges at all time.

Should the need arise, how do I log a grievance?

Our complaints procedure will be explained in detail and provided to you in a written format both at the proposal stage and upon contract commencement, your issue will be documented and tracked until such a point a resolution is achieved.

How long have you been established?

At Langley Office Services we have been cleaning domestic and commercial premises for over 25 years

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    • ‘Langley Office services have proven to be a professional and reliable company with superb staff. We are thoroughly happy with all aspects of our service delivery and would not hesitate to recommend Langley to other individuals or companies’. –Tracey, GLE Properties Ltd

    • Ageas Insurance (formerly Groupama Insurance) have been using Langley Office Services for over 10 years. The long-term relationship between both companies is testament to the good service we have received by the cleaning staff, who are friendly and professional. Many thanks –John, Ageas Insurance

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