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Coronavirus Decontamination

Even in the best of times, employers have a duty of care to their staff. This duty of care includes ensuring staff are as safe as possible in the workplace, and all reasonable precautions are taken to maintain a secure environment.

The novel coronavirus COVID 19 is known to linger on surfaces for several days. At Langley Office Services, we provide a comprehensive antiviral treatment known as fogging and offer this service as part of our ongoing cleaning contracts or as a one-off service

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  • Outstanding. Excellent. Exceptional. These are a few words that come to mind when asked about Langley Office Services.We look forward to our continued relationship with Langley–Caroline,WDP Ronco 

  • ‘Langley Office services have proven to be a professional and reliable company with superb staff. We are thoroughly happy with all aspects of our service delivery and would not hesitate to recommend Langley to other individuals or companies’. –Tracey, GLE Properties Ltd

  • Ageas Insurance (formerly Groupama Insurance) have been using Langley Office Services for over 10 years. The long-term relationship between both companies is testament to the good service we have received by the cleaning staff, who are friendly and professional. Many thanks –John, Ageas Insurance

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    Anti Viral Decontamination Fogging

    Fogging is fast becoming a go-to cleaning treatment in the fight against COVID 19; Fogging is the process of applying an antiviral chemical disinfectant fog. Within the fog 1000’s of small chemical droplets serve to create an antiviral mist which cleanses the room and leaves the area free from fungi, bacteria and pathogens such as the novel coronavirus.

    The process is completed using our professional antiviral fogging machine, and dependent on the area to be treated typically takes anywhere from between 30 Minutes to 1 Hour, during the process the antiviral droplets settle on surfaces throughout the room serving to rid the space of any pathogen’s or bacteria.

    The specialist Triple 8 Bio All Purpose Santiser used by all members of the Langley office Services team is proven to be effective against all enveloped viruses. All of the above combines to create an effective, fast treatment in the battle against Coronavirus

    Help, your staff and customers, feel more secure by booking a regular antiviral fogging treatment.

    Our Covid 19 Decontamination Service is available across London and The city

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