Carpet stain removal tips

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Carpet stains are among the biggest issues faced by many proud home owners the fact remains, spillages and stains in general are a part of life. Regardless of how careful you may be, eventually something is bound to get spilled or walked in to your carpet.You are Then faced with the difficult task of removing the stain from your carpet.

Whenever your carpet gets stained, the first thing that comes to mind is to call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain for you. However, a number of stains can be wiped out without the assistance of an expert. Although the majority of carpets have stain-resistant treatments this unfortunately does not mean that they are completely stain-proof.

The primary carpet stain removal tip is to get rid of the stain as soon as it occurs, delaying the inevitable cleanup operation will make the stain even harder to remove. However, other tips to rid your carpet of stains include:

Determine The Type Of Stain
There are several types of carpet stains ; some stains are easy to remove whilst others require extra cleaning . Knowing the type of stain will assist you in choosing the most suitable cleaning product to use.

Plain water and a towel, cotton cloth or paper towel works the best. Pat the stain, do not rub as this will increase the area occupied by the stain. Although it will pick up some of the substances, mostly it will further grind it into the carpet. Blotting ought to be one prior to the stain drying up. After blotting, rinse off the stained area with clean water and dry it. In the event that the stain has dried already, it must be split apart and broken down by detergent and then vacuumed or blotted.

Never try to clean a stain prior to picking up any solids that went along with it

If you spill a bowl of pasta, promptly pick up every last trace. If the stain is of a substance that has a specific remover (like glue remover or paint thinner), try that first and then work on the stain. You cannot do anything if the stained carpet is covered by a hardened substance.

Dip a cloth into a vinegar solution and dab the carpet repeatedly

Thereafter, press the cloth on the stained spot for a couple of seconds. Wait another 15 minutes. This is an essential step, since white vinegar takes away residuals of the detergent, which will attract dirt if left in the carpet.

To get rid of stains like ketchup or fruit juices, first try to dry the area with a towel. Next mix 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. Soak the towel in this mixture and press on the stain for few seconds. Afterwards, dry it with a clean cloth. It will remove any kind of non-oily stain.

Here are a few things that you should never do in order to get rid of stains from your carpet

  • Do not roll up or fold the carpet.
  • Do not dry the stain by using heat.
  • Do not rub the stain.
  • Removing stains from your carpet can be very tough and, if you leave the stain for too long it will become Harder to remove not to mention frustrating. However should feel that the stain is not something you can handle then, do not hesitate to call Langley Office Services Carpet Cleaners In Bromley Kent.

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